November 22, 2017

I'm in a strange place right now. A lot is changing. I'm due to give birth in about a month, and to be honest, that is taking up most of my brain space. But I am still working on writing and other creative endeavors. Here's what I'm currently working on:

  • Getting rewards packages together for my newest Patreon patrons.

  • Finishing up the prizes for the winners of the recent Pioneers Press contest.

  • Finishing Reckless Chants #25.

And these are some of my plans and intentions for 2018:

  • Submitting poems to as many publications as possible.

  • Entering contests and calls for chapbooks and full-length manuscripts.

  • Finding an agent. (Any literary agents looking at this? Send me an email!)

  • Putting out the first call for submissions for Bone & Ink Press.

I may not post here again until the new year, depending. In the meantime, you can find me on Patreon, Etsy, Tumblr, FacebookInstagram, and TinyLetter.



July 24, 2017

I've been doing a lot this year, writing/project-wise, and I have been very bad about keeping this website updated. So, this is me playing catch up.

-I was part of the GREAT poems project and the Milwaukee Resists project. You can order the GREAT collection here; if you want Milwaukee Resists you'll have to make a trip to Woodland Pattern in Milwaukee.

-I put together a Writers Resist event here in Racine. Someone was kind enough to record it, so if you're curious as to what some of the writers and activists are doing here in southeastern Wisconsin, check it out.

-I started a fucking small press! Bone & Ink Press now has its own website, so it's officially officially A Thing--now I just need to figure out funding and write a mission statement and open it up for submissions.

-Oh, oh, oh, did I mention I was interviewed in fucking Maximum Rocknroll? Cuz I was! Yeah, Nate Perkins interviewed me last year and it appeared in MRR this March. I am still incredibly stoked on it, because when I was...

January 14, 2017

It’s Like The ‘Watch The Throne’ Of Tender Punk Poems is a split chapbook, written by myself and Misha Bee Speck. It contains poems both short and long–16 poems by Misha, 12 by me. It is the first official release put out by Bone & Ink Press, my new small press that will be publishing chapbooks of poetry, non-fiction, and experimental genres.

These tender punk poems are about gender and sex, about blood and heat, about dreams and anger and aching. They’re about what it means to live in a body and build a life as the world burns around you.

36 pages, ½ legal. Printed on white paper and staple-bound, then adorned with sparkly cardstock (you can choose gold or silver) and ribbon.

Available for $8 on Etsy.

December 27, 2016

I haven't posted here in a while, but I have had a lot of stuff going on. So here is some information about recent poems & zines & interviews, upcoming events, and more.

The biggest news is that in October I finally, finally finished Reckless Chants #23. It took me four months, and it was a challenge the whole time, but I'm pretty proud of the result.

Reckless Chants #23 is a long-form personal essay about loss, grief, violence, trauma, and mental illness, and also strength and healing–all tied together with thoughts on tears, crying, and sadness. It is one of the hardest things I have ever written, and one of the most important things I have ever written.

You can read some excerpts here, or purchase it via my Etsy shop.

I wrote a piece for issue #1 of POPS: Parents on Parenting, about my son's autism spectrum diagnosis.

I have a piece about mix tapes in Paper & Ink #9. (Which is worth getting for many reasons, not the least of which is the cover art--a gorgeous trib...

June 15, 2016

Love letters to way-too-late whiskey-drunk nights, stolen hearts and stolen kisses, small-town parking lots and bad decisions and even badder girls, WWTAWWTAP is a gritty and gorgeous series of riffs on living and loving punk. Like your very first show all over again, it’ll set your blood on fire.

-Sarah McCarry, author of the Metamorphoses trilogy and publisher/editor of the Guillotine series


February 2, 2016

Sick of generic beer and boring readings?

Come to Beer & Zines!

Featuring readings by some of the midwest's finest zinesters:

Jonas, Julia Eff, Liz Mason, and Jessie Lynn McMains!

Plus, a Q&A with the zinesters, a zine reading area, delicious craft brews (& non-alcoholic root beer!), and more!

Jonas is a writer/zinester from Chicago. He penned the zines Cheer the Eff Up and Fixer Eraser, as well as edited several compilation zines such as Srviv #1-3. In 2014 he released his first novel, The Greatest Most Traveling Circus. He's also been a regular contributor to the critically acclaimed zine/magazine Rad Dad. He currently lives with his wife and son.

Julia Eff hails from the Motor City and has been making zines for over 10 years, specializing in the queer, crass, spooky, and horribly emotional. They don't have a consistent running title but their book, Every Thug Is A Lady, came out last year on Pioneers Press. Julia enjoys coffee, tea, and Alkaline Trio. There is only an 84%...

November 11, 2015


A lot of big news here at Reckless Chants HQ - the biggest news being that I've recently been crowned 2015-17 Poet Laureate of Racine, Wisconsin! I have big plans for the next two years, so stay tuned.


Here's the current haps - 


I've had two more poems published in Rising Phoenix Review  - "All Through the Town (On a Bus in L.A.)" and "How to Build A Clock That Isn't a Bomb."


I'm working on a chapbook called The Girl With the Most Cake: poems about Courtney Love. You can read one of the poems here.


And this Saturday (November 14th) is Milwaukee Zine Fest. I'll be there selling my zines (including the brand-new Major Arcana of the Punk Rock Tarot), and also leading a perzine workshop. If you're going to be in the Milwaukee area, you should come on out!

October 17, 2015


Major Arcana of The Punk Rock Tarot, a zine by Rust Belt Jessie, now available for pre-order! $2 + shipping // Storenvy


In September, I embarked upon the DIY Tarot Project, wherein the goal was to create the Major Arcana of your own tarot deck over the course of the month. I started on the Punk Rock Tarot, which is something I’ve been dreaming about and writing about for over a decade, now. I finished the first half of the deck in September, and I have now finished the second half. And, of course, I decided to make it into a zine.


This zine is 48 pages, ¼ letter size. It contains every card from the Major Arcana (22 cards), plus a short description of/musing on each card. If you’d like to see the first half of the deck, go here. I may post some images from the second half of the deck as it gets closer to the publication date.


This is a pre-order. I will be fulfilling all pre-orders after Milwaukee Zine Fest, which means you will receive your order in mid-November. (After that, I will...

October 17, 2015

God, I drank so much that summer. On the rare night I spent at home, I holed up in my room, wrote long, sad, tales of people in the legend of my life, and drank blackberry brandy mixed with Sprite. Something like that would taste over-sweet to me now, make me shudder, but maybe the same part of me that craved sentimental poetry also thirsted for sugary drinks. And most nights, I wasn’t at home. Most nights, I changed clothes in my car after work. I swapped my reeking-of-pizza button down shirt and black slacks for one of my vintage dresses. A mint green confection, or a pink and white sundress. Something from the ‘50s, blue with red and white polka dots, or a slinky black number that a ‘30s jazz singer would have worn. And I sat at one of two bars, drank whiskey and Coke, or brandy old-fashioneds, or gin and tonics all night long. I waited for my friends to arrive, and I drank and smoked and entertained myself with one of the items I always had in my bag – a book of poetry by Dorothy P...

October 17, 2015


Photo of Pistofficer, by V'ron


KHCP, Track #2: "Punk Life"


I was drawn to the sound of punk, which had, to quote Rebecca Solnit, “a tempo and an insurrectionary intensity that matched the explosive pressure in my psyche.” And its trappings, the things that punks did when they weren’t playing music, those appealed to me, too – getting wasted, smashing shit. I know, those are some of the more boneheaded aspects of punk, but god, they were great outlets for the explosive pressure in my psyche. (read more)


KHCP, Track #3: "Isn't Life Crazy"


In early 2009, I was down in Chicago visiting a friend of mine. We’d both recently had our hearts broken (mine by a punk boy from Kenosha!), and decided the best cure for it was to put on our reddest lipstick, get wasted, and slam to some good old-fashioned punk rock. At the club, we drank shots of whiskey and pitchers of beer, and watched the opening band set up. “Wait a second,” I said, “I recognize those guys.” It was Pistofficer, a Kenocore group o...

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