October 17, 2015


Major Arcana of The Punk Rock Tarot, a zine by Rust Belt Jessie, now available for pre-order! $2 + shipping // Storenvy


In September, I embarked upon the DIY Tarot Project, wherein the goal was to create the Major Arcana of your own tarot deck over the course of the month. I started on the Punk Rock Tarot, which is something I’ve been dreaming about and writing about for over a decade, now. I finished the first half of the deck in September, and I have now finished the second half. And, of course, I decided to make it into a zine.


This zine is 48 pages, ¼ letter size. It contains every card from the Major Arcana (22 cards), plus a short description of/musing on each card. If you’d like to see the first half of the deck, go here. I may post some images from the second half of the deck as it gets closer to the publication date.


This is a pre-order. I will be fulfilling all pre-orders after Milwaukee Zine Fest, which means you will receive your order in mid-November. (After that, I will...

October 30, 2014

Reckless Chants #21: Your Daughter Is One

68 pages. 1/2 letter size. Covers printed on either neon pink or neon orange paper.


Essays about gender and sexuality, the Persian Gulf War and how I developed my political consciousness, the 1980 film Times Square, the death of Tommy Ramone, getting over punk (but not really), and losing friends. Stories about getting crushes on girls, growing up queer in a midwestern town, punk shows in Chicago and Kenosha, making out with girls at bars, diners, friendship, and exploring the hidden places of Milwaukee. + an interview with Megan Ann Metcalf, curator of the recent LGBTQIA zine exhibit at UWM!


Available via Storenvy. More information can be found here.

May 22, 2014

God is a shout in the street. Art is a shout in the street. Steal from everything that resonates with you. Shout. In the street. On the Internet. Everywhere. Say: “Look at me! Look at us!” Tell your stories. Objectivity doesn’t exist.


A Shout in the Street is a new (old) multimedia litzine. Go here or here for more information.

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