Selected Publications


Self-Portrait with Ghosts and Trains [Hello America Stereo Cassette, 2021]

Wisconsin Death Trip [Bone & Ink Press, 2020 - read a review here]

The Loneliest Show On Earth [Bottlecap Press, 2020 - out of print]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Punk [self-published, 2019 - temporarily unavailable, a revised and expanded edition is in the works]

forget the fuck away from me [Bone & Ink Press, 2019]

The Girl With the Most Cake: Poems About Courtney Love [Bone & Ink Press, 2019]

Lament [Bone & Ink Press, 2018 - out of print]

10 Poems By Jessie Lynn McMains [Hello America, 2017]

kinda sorta valentines [Bone & Ink Press, 2017]

It's Like the 'Watch the Throne' of Tender Punk Poems [split with Misha Bee Speck - Bone & Ink Press, 2017]



x/whatever (a palinode) & La Balada Perdida del BebéHobo Camp Review

Self-Portrait as the Moon Smoking a CigarettePunk Noir Magazine

Sparrow, Just Barely -

Planet of the Monster Girls - Crow & Cross Keys

on being an angel - Crow & Cross Keys

Rust Belt Jessie's Taxonomy of Ghosts - Crow & Cross Keys

& I need to cling to something - Half Mystic VIII: Sforzando

Nighthawk Postcards (from 18th Street) - Moss Piglet: July 2020, The Music Issue (print)

[O sing a song of midway lights] - I Want You To See This Before I Leave

Country-Fried Tofu and Collard Greens for Two - Juke Joint

to try & burn - My Loves: A Digital Anthology of Queer Love Poems


[Dear One- It's the First of May] - Parentheses

in the summer / it's a pity - Memoir Mixtapes vol. 10

a swan and a pistol & two others - FIVE:2:ONE / #thesideshow

Love Letter with Trains & Brautigan - Fluke #17 (print)

[I'm billed as The Loneliest Woman] - Pussy Magic

Mad, Love & two others - Neon Mariposa: The Haunting

Deep Red Bells - Pussy Magic/Hallow's Eve 2019: Scream

Final Girl's Love Song - Okay Donkey

fractured fairy tales - Radical: A Lit Zine #1 (print)

Hodag - Petrichor #12

Self-Portrait as the Girl from a Springsteen Song - Shut Down Strangers & Hot Rod Angels

other words for mainline (2019 Hal Prize winner) & Great Blue (Hal Prize honorable mention) - Peninsula Pulse

American Eurydice & three others - Moonchild Magazine #4

Self-Portrait in Hobohemia & Jack Rabbit - Vamp Cat Magazine

Lilac Palace, 1987 - Kissing Dynamite #6

Every Angel is a Terrifying Blonde - Dark Marrow #2

our faithful, reckless hearts - South Broadway Ghost Society

Upon A Time - Barren Magazine #4

Nothing remains of - The Ginger Collect

forget the fuck away from me (origin stories of a safety pin girl) & the mother and the childless woman - ISAcoustic

Self-Portrait As Jug of Corn Whiskey - Juke Joint

Sister, Mother, Cellar Woman - Occulum

Saint Anthony and the Ten Thousand Things - Memoir Mixtapes vol. 5

leda's swan song - Ghost City Review

Mary of the Rotten Heart - Amethyst Magazine

Exhibition Labels from the Unreal Museum - Burning House Press

Wisconsin Death Trip: KHCP - Paper & Ink #11 (print)

Wisconsin Death Trip: Highway 32 Little River #7

exeuntVoicemail Poems

postcards from an invisible cityL'Éphémère Review

in a black and invisible dress - Rising Phoenix Review

Track List for a Mix Tape I Will Never Give My Crush - I Want You To See This Before I Leave

Over Cocktails, Courtney Love Tells Me About Aging - Voicemail Poems

Dimestore Ghosts - Uut Poetry

You Don't Meet Nice Girls In Copy Shops - The Chapess #6, also appears in Gut Flora: The Chapess zine anthology (print)

Selected Writer-in-Residence Posts

Jack Kerouac in Racine

All Men Are Free / DCxHC

The Transverberation of Frida Kahlo

I Dream a Highway

Magic Gardens

A Field Guide to Ghosts and Cryptids of Southeast Wisconsin

"I guess there's just a meanness in this world" (Murder Ballads and Death Songs)

Haunting, Haunted, Haunts

One Long Longing

Love Song during Riot with Many Voices

"you would die, or be happy forever"

Jesus of Western Avenue & The Apostles of Humboldt Park

Finishing the Hat

Other Non-Fiction

"Nobody ever sees it coming, except for when they do." - Half Mystic

Lady-O (Song for Judee) - Country Queer

Werewolf Heart: A Hallow's Eve Playlist - Pussy Magic

Parental Personality Crisis - Tiny Essays

Survive - Pussy Magic

Remember Who You Are - Pussy Magic

Are You Leaving for the Country? -

Poetry Mamas - Pussy Magic #4: Bloomed (Mother's Day 2019)

Jessie Recommends: "Whiskey in the Jar" by Thin Lizzy - Memoir Mixtapes

rip out their apology-tongues - Pussy Magic

If It Weren't for Daphne Gottlieb - Brain Mill Press

Venus in Furs, Nightclubbing - Rose Quartz Magazine

The Future is Unwritten -

Just Like U Said It Would B - Pussy Magic

History Lesson, Pt. 2000 - Fluke #15 (print)

Jessie Recommends: "Philly Forget Me Not" by Hall & Oates (w/Train) - Memoir Mixtapes

Jessie Recommends: "Sweet Avenue" by Jets to BrazilMemoir Mixtapes

They Say She's a Slut - Nasty! Vol. 1 (print)

To Be Haunted - (, originally appeared at Shakespeare & Punk)

"Letterbomb" - One Week // One Band

"She" - One Week // One Band

The Year of Our Inferno - I Want You To See This Before I Leave

Filth Fest III @ Cocoon Room - The Shepherd Express

All Good Cretins Go To Heaven - The Inner Condition

Everything has changed; nothing is differentThe Inner Condition

Typewriter, tell me what year it was.The Inner Condition

Geeks do not have pedigrees (or perfect punk rock resumes)The Inner Condition

Naked Raygun: We're Here NowForces of Geek

Ace of Records: I Know That Girl, There's a Tattoo On Her HeartForces of Geek

I Dreamed I Was A Very Clean Tramp: An Autobiography by Richard HellForces of Geek

Ace of Records: Punk Rock Changed Our LivesForces of Geek

The Dead Milkmen @ Shank Hall - The Shepherd Express

Mix Tapes from the Midwest: Cows, Beer, Punk Rock and NoiseForces of Geek

Avoided @ Quarters Rock'n'Roll Palace - The Shepherd Express

Mix Tapes from the Midwest: Like Loving a Woman With a Broken NoseForces of Geek

Mix Tapes from the Midwest: I Like Lookout!Forces of Geek

Mix Tapes from the Midwest: Girls Invented Punk Rock, Not England - Forces of Geek

Mix Tapes from the Midwest: The Ramones Are Cooler Than You Forces of Geek

Memoir/Fiction Hybrid

Addicted to Bad Ideas - Chapter One - (We Will Never Run Into One Another On) TrainsHello America

Addicted to Bad Ideas - Chapter Two - One for the WitchesHello America


Tarantella della Petrosinella - Corvid Queen

Scary Stories for Daring Girls to Tell in the Dark - (, originally appeared at Vessel Press)

prophet / ess - Cauldron Anthology #7