Selected Publications


Self-Portrait with Ghosts and Trains [Hello America Stereo Cassette, 2021]

Wisconsin Death Trip [Bone & Ink Press, 2020]

The Loneliest Show On Earth [Bottlecap Press, 2020 - out of print]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Punk [self-published, 2019]

forget the fuck away from me [Bone & Ink Press, 2019]

The Girl With the Most Cake: Poems About Courtney Love [Bone & Ink Press, 2019]

Lament [Bone & Ink Press, 2018]

10 Poems By Jessie Lynn McMains [Hello America, 2017]

kinda sorta valentines [Bone & Ink Press, 2017]

It's Like the 'Watch the Throne' of Tender Punk Poems [split with Misha Bee Speck - Bone & Ink Press, 2017]



x/whatever (a palinode) & La Balada Perdida del BebéHobo Camp Review

Self-Portrait as the Moon Smoking a CigarettePunk Noir Magazine

Sparrow, Just Barely -

Planet of the Monster Girls - Crow & Cross Keys

on being an angel - Crow & Cross Keys

Rust Belt Jessie's Taxonomy of Ghosts - Crow & Cross Keys

& I need to cling to something - Half Mystic VIII: Sforzando

Nighthawk Postcards (from 18th Street) - Moss Piglet: July 2020, The Music Issue (print)

[O sing a song of midway lights] - I Want You To See This Before I Leave

Country-Fried Tofu and Collard Greens for Two - Juke Joint

to try & burn - My Loves: A Digital Anthology of Queer Love Poems


[Dear One- It's the First of May] - Parentheses

in the summer / it's a pity - Memoir Mixtapes vol. 10

a swan and a pistol & two others - FIVE:2:ONE / #thesideshow

Love Letter with Trains & Brautigan - Fluke #17 (print)

[I'm billed as The Loneliest Woman] - Pussy Magic

Mad, Love & two others - Neon Mariposa: The Haunting

Deep Red Bells - Pussy Magic/Hallow's Eve 2019: Scream

Final Girl's Love Song - Okay Donkey

fractured fairy tales - Radical: A Lit Zine #1 (print)

Hodag - Petrichor #12

Self-Portrait as the Girl from a Springsteen Song - Shut Down Strangers & Hot Rod Angels

other words for mainline (2019 Hal Prize winner) & Great Blue (Hal Prize honorable mention) - Peninsula Pulse

American Eurydice & three others - Moonchild Magazine #4

Self-Portrait in Hobohemia & Jack Rabbit - Vamp Cat Magazine

Lilac Palace, 1987 - Kissing Dynamite #6

Every Angel is a Terrifying Blonde - Dark Marrow #2

our faithful, reckless hearts - South Broadway Ghost Society

Upon A Time - Barren Magazine #4

Nothing remains of - The Ginger Collect

forget the fuck away from me (origin stories of a safety pin girl) & the mother and the childless woman - ISAcoustic

Self-Portrait As Jug of Corn Whiskey - Juke Joint

Sister, Mother, Cellar Woman - Occulum

Saint Anthony and the Ten Thousand Things - Memoir Mixtapes vol. 5

leda's swan song - Ghost City Review

Mary of the Rotten Heart - Amethyst Magazine

Exhibition Labels from the Unreal Museum - Burning House Press

Wisconsin Death Trip: KHCP - Paper & Ink #11 (print)

Wisconsin Death Trip: Highway 32 Little River #7

exeuntVoicemail Poems

postcards from an invisible cityL'Éphémère Review

in a black and invisible dress - Rising Phoenix Review

Track List for a Mix Tape I Will Never Give My Crush - I Want You To See This Before I Leave

Over Cocktails, Courtney Love Tells Me About Aging - Voicemail Poems

Dimestore Ghosts - Uut Poetry

You Don't Meet Nice Girls In Copy Shops - The Chapess #6, also appears in Gut Flora: The Chapess zine anthology (print)


"Nobody ever sees it coming, except for when they do." - Half Mystic

Lady-O (Song for Judee) - Country Queer

Werewolf Heart: A Hallow's Eve Playlist - Pussy Magic

Parental Personality Crisis - Tiny Essays

Survive - Pussy Magic

Remember Who You Are - Pussy Magic

Are You Leaving for the Country? -

Poetry Mamas - Pussy Magic #4: Bloomed (Mother's Day 2019)

Jessie Recommends: "Whiskey in the Jar" by Thin Lizzy - Memoir Mixtapes

rip out their apology-tongues - Pussy Magic

If It Weren't for Daphne Gottlieb - Brain Mill Press

Venus in Furs, Nightclubbing - Rose Quartz Magazine

The Future is Unwritten -

Just Like U Said It Would B - Pussy Magic

History Lesson, Pt. 2000 - Fluke #15 (print)

Jessie Recommends: "Philly Forget Me Not" by Hall & Oates (w/Train) - Memoir Mixtapes

Jessie Recommends: "Sweet Avenue" by Jets to BrazilMemoir Mixtapes

They Say She's a Slut - Nasty! Vol. 1 (print)

To Be Haunted - (, originally appeared at Shakespeare & Punk)

"Letterbomb" - One Week // One Band

"She" - One Week // One Band

The Year of Our Inferno - I Want You To See This Before I Leave

Filth Fest III @ Cocoon Room - The Shepherd Express

All Good Cretins Go To Heaven - The Inner Condition

Everything has changed; nothing is differentThe Inner Condition

Typewriter, tell me what year it was.The Inner Condition

Geeks do not have pedigrees (or perfect punk rock resumes)The Inner Condition

Naked Raygun: We're Here NowForces of Geek

Ace of Records: I Know That Girl, There's a Tattoo On Her HeartForces of Geek

I Dreamed I Was A Very Clean Tramp: An Autobiography by Richard HellForces of Geek

Ace of Records: Punk Rock Changed Our LivesForces of Geek

The Dead Milkmen @ Shank Hall - The Shepherd Express

Mix Tapes from the Midwest: Cows, Beer, Punk Rock and NoiseForces of Geek

Avoided @ Quarters Rock'n'Roll Palace - The Shepherd Express

Mix Tapes from the Midwest: Like Loving a Woman With a Broken NoseForces of Geek

Mix Tapes from the Midwest: I Like Lookout!Forces of Geek

Mix Tapes from the Midwest: Girls Invented Punk Rock, Not England - Forces of Geek

Mix Tapes from the Midwest: The Ramones Are Cooler Than You Forces of Geek


Tarantella della Petrosinella - Corvid Queen

Scary Stories for Daring Girls to Tell in the Dark - (, originally appeared at Vessel Press)

prophet / ess - Cauldron Anthology #7