Reckless Chants #20: A Field Guide to Vanished Things

80 pages (close to 23,000 words!). 1/2 letter size.

This text-heavy issue of Reckless Chants has fictional stories, non-fiction pieces, and poetry, all tied together with short personal essays. It’s about getting lost, and loss. It’s about places and people I once knew, about losing friends and places and inanimate objects. It is also about gaining things - character traits, tattoos, experiences, stories. It is about travel and loneliness and love and ghosts and music.

It is text-heavy, yes, but there are also black-and-white photographs and a lot of vintage clip-art. This one was done old-school cut-and-paste style rather than solely on my computer.

Read: anywhere is better than… / Everything has changed; nothing is different. (the version in the zine is slightly different than the online verison) / Jack Kerouac to Jessie McMains / Things My Father Gave Me

See: a little video I made

You can order it on my Storenvy. ($4.00 + shipping.)

If you don’t want to order online, you can send $6-10 (depending on where you live in the world; overseas shipping is crazy expensive!) well-concealed cash to: Jessica McMains, PO Box 85278, Racine, WI, 53408, USA

I also love doing trades, but can’t always afford to. If you’d like to trade, drop me an email (, and we’ll talk about it.

#zines #writing #indielit #ghosts #recklesschants #rustbeltjessie

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