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All Good Cretins Go To Heaven @ The Inner Condition

The Ramones are the sonic version of my worn-in leather jacket. Comfortable, as familiar to me as my own skin, but putting it on still makes me feel more badass, and more like myself, than almost anything else. I have heard their music practically every day for what feels like my whole fucking life, and there’s still nothing else like it. I hear that 1-2-3-4, I hear those simple, pounding drumbeats, that chugging bass, the grind and whine of the guitar and the spaced-out nasal throaty voice, hey ho, and I am ready to change my name to Jessie Ramone and declare I will love Joey and Dee Dee and Tommy and Johnny until the end of time.

Poem Written In Red Pen (or: Write the Pain Away) @ The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society

He said he wouldn’t have sex with me if I wasn’t on The Pill. I hate wearing condoms, and I don’t want you to get pregnant. You’d be the same kind of mom that Sylvia Plath was. The girl-poet mom. To be a girl poet means you have to be more focused on your work than on your children. I wrote a poem: I do not want to be the kind of mother who sticks her head in ovens. We had a gas stove in our apartment. I laughed about it. Then I wept.

#poetry #prose #rustbeltjessie #indielit #ramones #catholicguilt #theinnercondition #therainpartydisastersociety

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