what we loved was not enough, but kiss it quick and rise again

Yesterday, I felt good, I felt okay. This morning, I feel bad again. I read the news and it makes me want to give up. But I’ll fight against that urge with everything I have.

It’s so hard, friends, so hard so hard so hard. Things are so fucked in the world, in our own lives, in our own hearts and heads. But I want us to keep loving the world, and loving life, despite it all. I want us to keep fighting in whatever ways we can (for a lot of us, a lot of the time, just staying alive and not totally self-destructing is how we fight).

What we love(d) was not enough, but let’s love each other, let’s stand together. Let’s fight. Let’s win.

Kiss it quick and rise again.

#survival #gofightwin

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