The changes that alter us are a product of our own volition, and we become what we hate.

All of this makes me sad on a deeply personal level, as well. I don’t know if I can ever listen to songs by either band again, and if I do it won’t be for a long, long time. I feel like they’ve taken some of the happiest memories of my teen years away from me, or sullied them, anyway. The story I have appearing in the upcoming issue of The Chapess mentions a Queers show and a Queers song, and I am terrified that, in light of all this, people will read that piece and think I support Joe Queer now. Although, in a way, it makes the story even more poignant - the story is about a lost friendship and a lost time in my life, now it’s about a lost band, too. I know a lot of other people feel similarly, cos I’ve been talking about it with them - we feel like what Joe and Ben have turned out to be has taken something that was once totally way rad away from us.

Fuck you, Joe and Ben, for doing that to us. Fuck you for hurting us, and fuck you for turning out and revealing yourselves to be what we hate. Fuck you for not apologizing. You’re both just pissed cos you’re totally irrelevant these days. You could, maybe, still apologize and turn your reputations around and do some work towards being decent human beings, but I know you won’t. Instead, you’ll sit there in your little corners, whining about how no one understands you and no one can take a joke anymore and punk is dead. If punk is dead, it’s because you fucking killed it. (x)

#punk #benweasel #joequeer #racism #oppression #misogyny #oppressivepseudopunx #prose #rustbeltjessie

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