Reckless Chants #20: A Field Guide to Vanished Things

80 pages (close to 23,000 words!). 1/2 letter size.

This text-heavy issue of Reckless Chants has fictional stories, non-fiction pieces, and poetry, all tied together with short personal essays. It’s about getting lost, and loss. It’s about places and people I once knew, about losing friends and places and inanimate objects. It is also about gaining things - character traits, tattoos, experiences, stories. It is about travel and loneliness and love and ghosts and music.

It is text-heavy, yes, but there are also black-and-white photographs and a lot of vintage clip-art. This one was done old-school cut-and-paste style rather than solely on my computer.

Read: anywhere is better than… / Everything has changed; nothing is different. (the version in the zine is slightly different than the online verison) / Jack Kerouac to Jessie McMains / Things My Father Gave Me / Insect Summer

See: a little video I made

You can order it on my Storenvy. ($4.00 + shipping.)

If you don’t want to order online, you can send $6-10 (depending on where you live in the world; overseas shipping is crazy expensive!) well-concealed cash to: Jessica McMains, PO Box 85278, Racine, WI, 53408, USA

I also love doing trades, but can’t always afford to. If you’d like to trade, drop me an email (, and we’ll talk about it.

It is also available at Pioneers Press.

#zines #writing #indielit #ghosts #recklesschants #rustbeltjessie

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