finding the ultimate in the ordinary horseshit

The ordinary horseshit is all we really get, so we have to notice the small moments of beauty, poetry, and inspiration in amongst it. And that’s what I try to do. Even when my days are mainly errands and chores and paying bills, I focus on the small moments: I stand out in my backyard, drinking in the color of the sky and listening to the freights blowing by on the nearby tracks. I stop in the cafe and eavesdrop on other people’s conversations. I take a different way home from the store and I notice houses and shops I’ve never seen before; I turn on the radio and sometimes I hear a perfect song. I still crave the distant cities and the all-night drives, the kisses and the mysterious strangers, the dancing and the sweaty rock’n’roll, but I’ve found ways to be okay when I don’t have those things, found ways to appreciate the day-to-day so that I’m not just waiting around for a future moment that might never come. (x)

#answers #rustbeltjessie #inspiration #adventure #findingtheultimate #smallmoments

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