Reckless Chants #22 & other news

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I promised that if I reached or surpassed $50 per month on Patreon, I would make the next issue of Reckless Chants look hella good. As of this month, I have surpassed that goal, and so I went out and bought supplies. RC #22 will be the ‘90s issue, and the covers are going to be an homage to the sparkly and pretty yet still DIY covers of grrrl zines in the '90s. The covers will be pastel pink, hand-stamped, and then adorned with glitter and fancy Duck Tape.

I am also asking for feedback on potential subtitles for issue 22, and I am asking people to design '90s cut and paste style ads for their zines and distros for me to print.

In other news:

*I have a piece appearing in the second edition of SRVIV, which also includes pieces by Adam Gnade, Julia Eff, Jessie Duke, Trace Ramsey, Eleni Mandell, John Jughead Pierson, and more!

*It's not too late to become my patron on Patreon. You can help me reach future funding goals like teaching zine-writing workshops, finishing my novel, and traveling to/tabling at more zine fests. Not to mention, becoming my patron comes with benefits such as an original piece of writing sent to you every month, a subscription to my zines, sneak peeks at projects I'm working on, and more!

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