Reckless Chants #22: Remember Who You Are

Reckless Chants #22: “Remember Who You Are” (available for preorder via Storenvy - $5 + shipping)

Approximately 80 pages (subject to change slightly once the layout is completed) of stories from my life circa the ‘90s. Stories about how I got into zines, my dysfunctional family, shitty dudes, heartbreak, depression and self-destruction, trying to be cool (and failing miserably), being a terrible riot grrrl, sexual misadventures, bike rides, adventure, stick & poke tattoos, and (some of) the albums and books that changed my life; plus collages, choice excerpts from my teenage journal, and scans of pages from the zines I did in the '90s. And more!

RC 22 is half-legal size, and the covers are an homage to '90s grrrl zines - collage and rubber stamps on pink paper, adorned with glitter and leopard print Duck Tape.

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll hurl.

PREORDER INFO: Everyone who preorders gets a free download code for a compilation of songs I wrote and recorded in the late '90s/early '00s.

Preorders will be printed and mailed as soon as I get enough orders to pay for the first print run.

Once I finalize the layout and get a sizable amount of preorders, I’ll post this again, with more information.

#zines #rustbeltjessie #punk #riotgrrrl #nostalgia #90s #indielit #recklesschants

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