2015 in review, + some current news

I published eight zines in 2015: and it murders your heart (they didn't tell you that part), Belmont & Clark, This House is Not a Landmark (split with Jesse Ankle Grease), Treehouse b/w Insect Summer, What We Talk About When We Talk About Punk (the titular essay from my upcoming book), Reckless Chants #22, Full Ghost Moon (a ghost story I made into a mini-zine for my patrons), and Major Arcana of the Punk Rock Tarot.

My writing career took off, and I mean Took Off. It has been picking back up for the past couple years, after years of dead-ends, but in 2015 it started to feel like my hard work was finally paying off. The biggest things were being named Poet Laureate of Racine, and being nominated for the Pushcart Prize (for the second year in a row!), and one other really big/great thing I can't announce just yet. Also: I started writing for Witchsong, had pieces appear in volume one of Crush Zine, issue two of SRVIV, What Matters, The Shepherd Express, and The Chapess, had a short story appear in the first print edition of New Pop Lit (that's the one that got nominated for the Pushcart), had poems in UUT Poetry and the RoguePoetry Review, had three poems in the Rising Phoenix Review, started on The Girl With the Most Cake and have gotten a great response to it so far, and have pieces forthcoming in Paper and Ink, Avenue Lit Mag, and Voicemail Poems. Also: I did a lot of spoken word events (two in Chicago, one in Long Beach, one in Kenosha, and four in Racine), taught two perzine workshops, had a piece I wrote and recorded appear on the Promise Ring episode of Jughead's Basement, and had two of my photographs appear in the San Francisco exhibition of The Photocopy Club. And I started on my absolutely nutty idea to write at least one poem every day for 365 days - I haven’t actually written a poem every single day (at least not a complete one), but some days I’ve written more than one poem, so I’m pretty close to having the ‘right’ amount of poems since I started in September. And: Sarah McCarry said she liked my blog, and Lora Mathis complimented my writing. I’m still geeking about both of those things, because getting compliments from my favorite writers makes me feel like I must be doing something right.

I list all these things not to brag - okay, maybe to brag a little - but mainly because I have the tendency to look back on a year and think I didn’t Do Enough, and when I write it all down like this I can look back on it and remind myself that I’ve done a fuckton of stuff.


In current news: "Popular Magic (Shake It Off)," a piece I wrote a couple months ago about how much I love pop music and T-Swift, is up on Witchsong.

I have closed down my Storenvy shop and now have an Etsy shop.

And this is just a reminder that I have a Patreon account - where you can help support me in exchange for getting stuff in the mail every month, plus tons of other fun perks.

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