I know...

I was all "I'm going to update this site on a regular basis" and "I'm going to do my serious blogging on this site," and yes, I'm still planning on staying on top of both of those things, but I've been busy! I moved to a new house, and then immediately had to get started on writing pieces for upcoming events and working on a new issue of Reckless Chants, plus doing more book-release preparation and recording my spoken word album, as well as trying to enjoy life by wandering and reading and cooking lots of delicious food. So here are some things to tide you over:

You can preorder Reckless Chants #23, which is about the punk rock records I think are Most Essential.

I've got a couple new poems up at Rising Phoenix Review: the ocean writes a letter to the moon and in a black and invisible dress.

You can stream a couple of the tracks from my spoken word album: Everything Has Changed; Nothing is Different / And I Don't Want to Live This Life.

I've started a video series wherein I talk about my old zines and give dramatic readings from them, Episode One is here.

I have two events coming up next week. The first one is in Chicago:

more info can be found here.

The second is in Milwaukee:

more info can be found here.

I'm on Instagram now:

And as always, you can become my patron on Patreon. You'll get special perks, and it will help me out a lot!

And it's June, the start of the rambling season, and I'm going to be rushing around the Midwest quite a bit this summer, so maybe I'll see you out there.


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